Launch of Google plus is a disaster for FaceBook. That is what I believe. If not now, it will be. Atleast 50% users from Facebook will leave and join Google Plus. All the spammers, SEOs, webmasters, networking gurus who were at Facebook for spreading their websites will move to the Google Plus. Because Google Plus […]

Nofollow is an attribute used in HTML to tell the search engine to follow the links or not, to give credit to links or not. It stops crawler if you have used this attribute at a link and crawler won’t escape from that link and it won’t give page rank to that link you have […]

I am talking about the Virtual Private Server or Private Server. Many companies offer PS or VPS web hosting. If you are a blogger, webmaster and have been working for more then 2 years and have got some visitors then probably you are not at the shared server. After you get some regular visitors, you […]