Web Style Press is web but with style. Back few years I used to play with flash to create catchy pages. With arrival of HTML5 and CSS3 and all the web browsers evolution + jQury, MooTools, Prototype etc. its a lot different now. You can create pretty slide shows and animations without flash. I guess, flash will be discarded or be modified to serve video production and other media for presentations purpose.

Web Style is not just about HTML5 and CSS3, but show case best practices from the web for web developers, web masters and web designers. Subscribe to Web Style Press to join us and get updated about latest creativity and creation in design and web.

Do you know it does not stop even after a good design and pretty pages. You will need SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization the right way, to make your mark in this world wide web crowd. Let me give you a clue. Good and hot keywords – while some keywords attract more profitable advertisement and the other keywords attract huge traffic. You should use keywords for traffic and keywords for profit. SEO is a tricky business. You need to do it right and choose relevant keywords for your website.

This and all other we discuss at this platform. We will help you create and build better websites. Build Better Websites using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, DIV. Learn best practices and techniques web gurus use to inspire you.

You can also contribute and write for us at the topics of Web design, website design, web designer, web development, logo design, css html, css menu, css templates, javascript, jquery, mootools, jquery ajax, search engine optimization, seo, search engine marketing and more.

DIY a quick seo of your website using seo tactics we recommend and you won’t need search engine optimization seo companies or any affordable seo company to get keyword seo services from.

We have got best recommendations on css web design for dummies. We discuss about usability in web design, usability of websites, web design and usability, html web layouts, best web cms, cms solutions, best cms software, web based cms, cms content management and more.

Why WebStylePress

The world wide web is ever growing and changing medium. Web presence is a whole new way of communicating and interacting with users using rich media content, libraries, frameworks, plugins, widgets, animations, extensions and more. I discuss here following areas of web: HTML, XHTML, DIV, Web 2.0, Tableless websites, W3C Validation, CSS, Libraries, Extensions, Frameworks, Plugins, Widgets, Javascript, Flash, Actionscript, SEO, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, web design, web development, css menu and templates, web tutorials and more.

This website is not for commercial purposes by any means. These are information from around the web. We provide source if we use images, resource from anywhere. If you find anything irrelevant here, please use contact page to inform us.