Write Urdu In Web Pages

Have you visited http://www.urdupoint.com or http://www.bbcurdu.com. I am sure you did. These websites use Urdu fonts. There are many ways of using Urdu in web pages. However whatever you do you will have to define charset UTF-8 in head section of web page for that like below.

<meta http-equiv=content-type content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">


One: Using Character Map

Write command charmap in run and press enter. Character map window will open offering you many characters to choose, write and copy. In figure below if you notice you can select words and write these by clicking and also it gives its utf value which is in numbers. You can write there urdu text and copy and then past in msword in form of Urdu.

write urdu in web pages by character map

Two: Using Numbers

Consider following Urdu Name
جاويد خليل

This was written using

&#1580;&#1575;&#1608;&#1610;&#1583; &#1582;&#1604;&#1610;&#1604;

Three: Using Urdu Keyboard Based Text Area

I have a text area in which we can write text in Urdu and English.

Demo: Launch Application

Download Urdu Typing Text area

Four: Using Phonetic Keyboard

By this method, you can type Urdu in any program, even in notepad or text pad or ms word. This keyboard is a software which installs language tool bar into your system and you will have to install extra fonts and language support for Urdu language and then you can switch between Urdu and English while typing.

urdu-in-notepad Type Urdu Or Your Native Language In Any Windows Program Or Application

To download software and detailed instruction follow the link below.

Phonetic Keyboard and Urdu language toolbar

Here is a tool you can use online to write Urdu and then copy paste that Urdu text in any program or email.
Urdu Typing Online Tool

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    plz tell me the method how i can write urdu in notepad becoz i also want to write urdu text in my web page.

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    Salam to all, can any1 can tell me that how i can write urdu in phpmyadmin??

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