Will A.I. Crush Frontend Development Jobs

Artificial Intelligence has been progressing a lot and you can see it by looking at new tools, frameworks that are emerging everyday. Now you have tools to do stuff that you had to do manually couple of years back. You need SEO, there are free SEO tools available for that. You need CSS gradient code, there are free CSS gradient tools available. You need to draw a CSS based shape, there are tools available for that. We have websites now that can take design and convert it into HTML code. We have online and desktop based tools to create full web pages. Now an average joe sitting at his couch in home do not need to approach a freelancer in order to create his website. He can easily use free WordPress software and web hostings allow automatic installation of WordPress on a webserver. After WordPress installation anybody can install plugins and themes right from the WordPress dashboard to get anything a website needs. All of this makes web developers question whether A.I. will improve at a point when we will not need web developers anymore or A.I. has it’s separate place?

You may ask that what A.I. has to do with these tools and frameworks. It has to do everything with tools and frameworks. These tools and frameworks are consistently monitoring user behavior, collecting data and improving based on user’s needs. A.I. is definitely improving and new tools are being introduced at daily basis at a rapid rate but web developers have lot of time until that time comes when we will no longer need web developers. A.I. has its limitations. Computers take instructions; very specific instructions. Computers are fast and accurate but they can not think on their own. Does not matter how much improvement has been made to automate web development tasks, there will be always web developer who will be using these tools and making final decisions.