Where WordPress Stores Images?

In a WordPress installation, images and other media files are stored in the “wp-content” folder, specifically within the “uploads” subfolder. By default, WordPress organizes these uploaded files in a year and month-based folder structure. For example, if you upload an image in March 2023, the file would be stored in the following directory:


When you upload an image or other media file through the WordPress Media Library, the file is saved to the server in the appropriate folder based on the upload date. WordPress also creates multiple resized versions of the image for use in different scenarios, such as thumbnails or responsive designs.

To access the images and media files, you can use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client or your web hosting control panel’s file manager to navigate to the “wp-content/uploads” folder.

Keep in mind that the URLs of the uploaded images and media files will also follow the same folder structure. For example:


The actual file names and paths may vary depending on your specific WordPress installation and configuration.

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