What Makes Comment – A Genuine Comment

Lot of bloggers and webmasters are spammers. Spammers have got their own websites full of crap and they want to promote these. New bloggers find it tempting to post spammy comments only to get attention towards their own sites. So they come to your blog and post spammy comments to get traffic towards their sites. I get a lot of spam at daily basis. I have implemented some checks / controls but I still get spammy comments. I had allowed website URL field in comments section but then people used to post comments only to register their website URL at my site so I dropped that field from many of my websites. I moderate all the comments. When you keep doing the same thing you find yourself good at it by the end of the day, so here is a clue about how you can spot genuine comments out of spam quickly and get rid of it. Commenters can also learn something from this about how to comment the right way and what to avoid.

Genuine commenter would fill all the form field correct.
In place of his name, he would type his name. not ‘Download Trance’ or ‘teaching guides’ or ‘Trance Music’ or even weirder term like ‘lebron james shoes’.
These are not names right?
Obviously somebody wants to promote illegal trance music he has got at his website.

Look at the comment text below. This kind of spam comment will even escape ‘Akismet’ and will land in pending comments queue.

By DevWebPro Peer Reviewer lebron james 7 kobe bryant v 0 lebron james shoes Well…My initial impressions were good, until I realised my eyes weren’t going blurry – it was the graphics…Then there was the “Done, but with errors on page” message.I opened the site in Opera 6.05, IE 6.026 and Mozilla 1.1. I tried to view the shipping Kevin Durant Shoes page in Mozilla (as I’m an Aussie – I wanted to see what there Australian connection was). The page half loaded, but the source code displayed on the top of the page. – then the server went into some weird never ending loop…So far my impressions aren’t very good.And I don’t even really know what the company does yet – the errors have got in the way…three thumbs downPeter GrayPeer reviewers volunteer their time and effort to help other site owners with their websites. Please take time to vi…

This comment makes no sense. Spammer wants to make this comment look like genuine by kindly informing you that your website is acting weird. But its not. He is kind of hoping that you will approve the comment in hurry or panic.

Terrific post. Thanks.

Obviously we publishers put lot of efforts into writing good stuff. Its all terrific. Do not comment that its terrific.

So (newbie blogger) if you want to comment, here is a little piece of advice for you.

  • Type your original name or nick name.
  • Do not tell us that its terrific post. We already know it is.
  • Contribute something. Tell something useful to other users about the topic.
  • Read the post first and then go for comment.
  • Only comment if you need to say something in the context of the post.
  • Do not just type that here is the resource you would find useful … http://www.crappysiteurl.com …. whatever. Give link if its really useful.
  • Do not appreciate any post if you are not genuinely impressed by it. We can spot if you only want attention.

These kind of spammers just waste others time. I wonder and just feel pity for them. Nobody is going to click at your links. Webmasters hit ‘trash’ link at once as soon as they spot such comment. So spammers are still little looser. People will never trust you again, your comment will never get approval and you are spoiling your website reputation by trying to post its link everywhere.

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