Website Standards and Check-Lists

In order to meet web standards while developing websites follow these guidelines and check-lists.

Web Standard Guidelines
  • Follow CSS and HTML rules
  • Use correct CSS and create a separate file and call it in pages
  • Use correct Doctype at the beginning of webpage
  • Use appropriate character set
  • Use Valid (X)HTML and Valid CSS
  • Use well structured code
  • Fix broken links
  • Fix JavaScript errors
  • Use all decorative images in the CSS
  • Mind accessibility for users
  • Use “alt” attributes used for all descriptive images
  • Use relative units rather than absolute units for text size
  • Check cross browser compatibility
  • Use accessible forms
  • Use sufficient colour brightness/contrasts
  • Use all links descriptive
  • Include detailed metadata
  • Mind basic usability
  • Use clear visual hierarchy
  • Use easy to understand navigation
  • Use about page, sitemap page and contact page and make them easy to find
  • For large sites, is there a search tool?
  • Use friendly URLs
  • Website should be loaded quickly
  • Put all java script functions into an external JS file and call that JS file inside page
  • Create good navigation based on list (ul, li)
  • GUI must be clean and user friendly
  • Implement clean and usable design
  • Create custom Error pages

For detailed information follow these links:
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