Website Responsiveness Mistakes (Correct Meta)

A responsive website responds to different screen resolutions and devices. Responsiveness is not just stretching down content to fit the page but content actually responds to the width and height of available screen. Even if you use media queries and CSS properly or if you are using a CSS framework/library like Twitter Bootstrap, there is still few things you need to consider to make your website responsive. Make sure your website is actually responsive and not just stretching down. Recently one of my client used my PHP emailing script that was using Twitter Bootstrap. He implemented the script in his website along with Twitter Bootstrap but his website was not responsive on mobile. On his complaint, I checked his website and found an issue. He has ignored a specific setting for website. In the following video I explain what should you keep in mind to make your web pages responsive.

Website Responsive Mistakes (Correct Meta) – English Version

Website Responsive Mistakes (Correct Meta) – Urdu/Hindi Version