Traffic Widgets Can Get your Website Banned

Many websites exchange website traffic with you by giving you a piece of javascript code to place in your website and your website starts displaying catchy misleading images which lead visitors to other websites. At every image click you might see a pop up and if you keep visiting more and more these websites more pop up will appear and your browser may crash. The important thing is to note is this, these all target websites share same widgets which lead you to many other such websites. Many times the images displayed are tempting but those are modified and are specially prepared in photoshop to only catch user’s attention.

The important thing to note is, you can not do any activity like this where you exchange traffic to website only for more website traffic. This whole concept is wrong. Your website should not offer misleading links and images to other websites. These widgets shockingly provide you almost same traffic as Google does. Your website analytics will show you that. In such case be aware that your website will be penalized. This is also against web accessibility standards.

These guys are involved in promoting crappy websites in an unethical way. On asking they will say that:

Our exchange program is not a paid-to-click program. The site owners do not need to visit any link. The visitors just read news they like and they don’t get paid for it. We are not engaged in sending unwanted emails. We send the offers personally only to sites that have good and valuable content. Our widgets don’t redirect visitors without their knowledge or consent. People just click the news that attracted their attention on their own.

Thus, our program doesn’t break Google AdSense TOS and can be used together with Google AdSense. Most of our partners use the Google service and they are happy with the result of our exchange program as well.

Fact is, your Google AdSense account might get banned if you display such widgets at your website and Google might remove your website from search results as well. Google says that they actively monitor landing pages of your website and ban publishers who do not follow web standards. Placing traffic widgets might give you instant adsense cash but not for long and you will land in adsense blacklist.

Avoid such websites which give you widgets like that and claim to double traffic for website. Trust in going slow and steady. Write quality content, post regularly and be patient. Only organic traffic would lead your website to success. Let others find you via quality of your website content and do not indulge yourself into invalid activities to promote website in unethical ways. If you are into making money online avoid traffic widgets.