Spamming Techniques Evolved

As a blogger/webmaster I have been coping with the problem of spamming for more than 5 years now. Spammers are using sophisticated ways of spamming to ruin your life. They won’t bother about how much effort anybody has put in his blog. They will just send a mass crap of spam towards your forum, blog, website and will try to make it like real comment or post. A victim webmaster will have to spend a lot of time daily to remove those crappy comments/posts rather then to do some good stuff. These spammers range from various categories. They try to sell medicine, DVD, CD and even there are webmasters who try to get promoted using spam. Spammers have got their own websites, blogs, forums. Before they used to email you and comment at your blog. Few comments. You could ignore the email and delete those comments. Now its 2010. Spamming methods have evolved.

Now spammers have got spamming tools and spamming software. A particular behavior of spamming which I have observed is that they give your blog’s URL to a software and use templates of comments. That software picks up your RSS and random posts, changes machine’s IP address before posting comment, takes a pre-written comment with spammy website URL and title and throws at any of your post. Then it changes machine’s IP address, choose another random post from your blog, choose another random spammy text and title from its database and throws it at that post as a comment. Single IP address can be blocked but how you will block 399+ IP addresses which come in different identical comments daily? Before spammers were ordinary desperate guys trying to get a bit of attention but now they are bloggers and webmasters. They know how these open source cms software work.

As a result, when you go to your blog admin next day, you find hundreds of spammy comments with spammy title, text and URL’s. These spammers have their websites. They promote their websites and products using this way. Now its like set it and forget it for them. They run and software and ruin your blogging life. All the awareness about open source and WordPress have also created it easy for them to make your life difficult. You spend most of the day in deleting those comments.

This becomes really insane when you get this spam at regular basis. There are ways to eliminate and discourage this kind of spam. Many of those ways are for webmasters with advanced skills.

Do the following to stop spam:

  • Block Spammers Using .htacces File
  • Deny Access to No Referrer Requests
  • Using PHP to Block Spammers
  • Use Akismet and other anti-spam plugins
  • Use WordPress Comments Moderation
  • Use WordPress Comments Blacklist
  • Ban Spammers IP

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