Slow VPS or PS Means Less Page Rank Less Visitors Less Earning

I am talking about the Virtual Private Server or Private Server. Many companies offer PS or VPS web hosting. If you are a blogger, webmaster and have been working for more then 2 years and have got some visitors then probably you are not at the shared server. After you get some regular visitors, you know your site does not run well in shared web hosting environment. Then you get 500 internal server error. You have to move to PS or VPS. Depending on your budget you will choose a host for your website. Here starts the funny game. Budget is low and you have picked up a host and transferred your data and domain to the new server. You will loose some traffic during the process because domain takes some time to get transferred and obviously your website’s IP address changes, you loose some page rank as well. There is a chance of these things but its not like it will happen always. Careful webmasters sort out things before they do anything.

Now you have shifted to VPS or PS, here starts a whole new story. Not all web hosts are good. They will promise for unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, and unlimited resources. But they won’t tell you the exact story about ‘connections‘, ‘CPU cycles‘ and ‘memory‘ allowed. After few months you will notice some of your website processes killed by web host. Again 500 internal server error.

Now what!

Okay! Some web hosts allow you to raise or increase resources and the funny thing is; they increase connections allowed as you increase the resources. Otherwise you get 40 connections. 80 are higher connections allowed but you see if you are using WordPress which is loaded with plugins, then my friend, you are in trouble.

Leave plugins alone. Lets talk about comments moderation. You will not be able to bulk moderate comments. WordPress attracts a lot of spammers and they spam through comments and they use software to mass spam your blog and useless comments.

WordPress allows 20 comments to be deleted at the same time. If you try to delete 20 comments at the same time, the process runs on and on and then get killed by web host. Even you raise the memory of host machine. This problem will bug you like forever.

Now food for thought…. If your host machine is not allowing 20 comments to be deleted at the same time then what about;

Google XML Sitemap plugin
Pinging (Ping services that you have mentioned in your admin)
Slow website

That means ‘Google XML Sitemap’ plugin which is very essential plugin by the way might be not working properly because it needs much memory but regarding the fact your host machine is killing processes so there is fat chance that this plugin won’t work properly.

‘Pinging services’ are important. WordPress pings ‘’ but many bloggers choose many other pinging servers and when you hit publish button, your blog pings these services. This takes some time and at slow VPS this process might get interrupted.

Running slow website is a crime. Google ranks pages by looking at their speed.

So if you are at slow VPS or PS then its a huge chance that your blog is not properly pinging all the services you have mentioned. You blog would be slow in response. It might not serve bots efficiently. It might not create a full XML sitemap and all these factors result in less page rank, less traffic, annoyed visitors, and finally less earnings.

I will not recommend you web host. I would rather like to say that do not go for cheap option. Try cloud hosting to avoid these problems.