Pixels, Rem, Em Converter Utility in JQuery – CSS Units Conversion Formulas

In this tutorial, we are converting pixel, rem and em into pixel, rem and em. These are CSS units. Pixel is absolute CSS unit. REM and EM are relative CSS units and these can be changed based on another variable in the document. This is tool that helps us quickly calculate the rem for particular pixel value or vice versa.

When you work with rem and em, you need such tool. This tutorial not just teaches you the difference between these CSS units but also provides you formulas that you can use in any other form. We will use JavaScript/jQuery to create functionality in this tool. I have also posted videos related to this topic where I show you how px, rem and em work. How should you define root font size? Should you prefer rem over px and should you use em or not. And I also have created helper functions to convert rem and px in one another, so do check them out as well. Check out those tutorials as well.

Root Font Size & CSS Units (Pixel, Rem, EM), Use REM Instead of PX

Pixels REM Converter – Helper Functions