Multiple Color Themes Switcher in Angular

In this tutorial, we are creating a Multiple Color Themes Switcher in Angular. We have created this by using jQuery, React and VueJS also. Links are below. So make sure check them out as well. We are doing it in Angular this time. We will use ng-class, click event handler and local storage to create it. You will be able to switch between different color theme for app. Of course you will have to write CSS for different themes to achieve it. This app will persist its theme even when you reload the page or browse to another page or component.

1- Custom Dark Theme Toggler – jQuery

2- Multiple Color Themes Switcher – jQuery

3- Custom Dark Theme Toggler – ReactJS

4- Multiple Color Themes Switcher – ReactJS

5- Custom Dark Theme Toggler – VueJS

6- Multiple Color Themes Switcher – VueJS

7- Custom Dark Theme Toggler – Angular

8- Multiple Color Themes Switcher – Angular

You should have nodejs installed in your PC to create and use javascript and command line based applications. You can head over to nodejs website and install the latest stable version. It will give you node package manager / npm / command line utility that you can use to run commands in order to install and manage javascript packages efficiently and to run JavaScript apps based on JavaScript frameworks and libraries. You can also use Yarn package manager to do so. Also you will need a command line utility or a terminal program to run commands. If you are using Windows, git for windows can provide you great terminal utility. and you can run commands by using that.