Blog Using Microsoft Word – Microsoft Word to WordPress

post to wordpress using microsoft windows word

It is easy to blog. Infact you can use Microsoft Word program to write a post and then publish it directly to your blog. Microsoft Word can post to ‘Windows Live Spaces‘, ‘Blogger‘, ‘SharePoint Blog‘, ‘Community Server‘, ‘TypePad‘, ‘WordPress‘ or any other platform. Its like post locally. This method will greatly reduce resources burden from your web host because when you open blog admin and add new post, it eats up a lot of server resources while you type being there.

I will tell you how you can post to WordPress using Microsoft Word.

word to wordpress

See the picture above and read on.

1- Open Microsoft Word. Open new document.
2- Select ‘New Blog Post’.
3- Click ‘Register Now’.
4- Choose your blogging platform.
5- Type your blog address as described in highlighted area in picture in step 5.
6- Enter Post Title and type your post.
7- Select publish or publish as a draft. That’s it. Microsoft Word may ask your user name and password again at this point.
8- Blog post section has got all the tools you need. You can create new categories, manage accounts for multiple blogs, edit existing post and more.