jCarousel Lite Scroll – Fancy Scroll

jCarousel Lite is a jQuery plugin 2kb in size. jCarousel Lite can be used for fancy scrolls of content including images or text. I have created an example for my need and put it here to download but updates and all documentation as well as complete customization can be found at original website.


easing.js (Optional)
mousewheel.js (Optional)

Customizations include Auto Scroll, Scroll More, Mouse Wheel, Mouse Wheel and Buttons, Custom animation – Easing, Custom Animation – Speed, Custom Widget, More or Less content, Non-Image Content, Mixed Content, Vertical, External Controls, Callbacks, Image Slider, Image Slider – External Controls, Fraction Configuration, Non Circular motion.


jQuery jCarousel Fancy Scroll

1 thought on “jCarousel Lite Scroll – Fancy Scroll

  1. Romain

    There is a problem if I want to scroll 4 images ! I can only scroll 8 images / 10 !

    Problem when the number of images visible is less than the number of images you can scroll

    visible: 4,

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