Javascript Essentials Part 1

This section contains following solutions in JavaScript.

  • Make Home Page Script (text based, image based)
  • Add to Favorites Script (Cross Browser, By Image, By text)
    (Simple, Cross Browser support, Onload add to favorites)
  • Switch to Full Screen
  • Last Date of Page Updated
  • Print Page (IE, Cross Browser)
  • Save page from printing (Printing Security Issue)
  • Website Launched Since
  • Close window
    (With Prompt, Without Prompt, Self close with time (5000 for 5 sec.) Auto close with prompt, Self close with time (3000 for 3sec.) Auto close without prompt)
  • Open window on browser close – Open window on close window
  • Back Button (history.back)
    (Text based, Image based, History back and forward buttons)

Make Home Page Script

Text Based Script
<!--[if IE]>
<A HREF="#" class="downlinks"
Make Webstylepress Homepage
Image Based Script
<a href="#" onClick="'url(#default#homepage)';this.setHomePage('');"><img src="images/homepage.jpg" alt="Make WebStylePress Homepage" name="Image-HomePage" width="" height="" border="0">