Integrate Facebook Chat into WordPress for Customers Live Support in Three Clicks

Add Facebook Chat to your WordPress Site in three clicks. If you are owner of a business and your website is powered by WordPress, you can easily add a fully functional chat to your website.

It is important to communicate with your potential clients as much as possible, right? The easier clients find it to reach you, better the business. There are many plugins and ways to add a custom chat and live support in your website but I will recommend you to try the Facebook chat plugin. There are many benefits. The chat will be fully functional and will not face down time. You will receive a push notification as in your mobile as soon as your clients send you messages. Also the senders will be verified users because they will need to connect to facebook in order to initiate the chat. So real benefits here and it takes few clicks to add this amazing chat to your website. You will need a facebook page for this chat to work. A registered user can create a business page at facebook. Your website may already have a facebook fans page. You can use that also. Everybody is using facebook from their mobile. This chat plugin will increase communication between you and customers and they will find it easy to connect with you. So give it a go. You will love it.