Import & Use Hundreds of Free Fonts from Google in Detail

In web design and in frontend development, typography plays a vital role. Clean and beautiful fonts will enhance readability experience and your website user will stay longer at your website. Reading through your web page will be a pleasant experience for your users. For a font to work in web page it should be in your PC operating system. There are limited number of fonts in operating system. In other case it should be loaded with web page from remote web server.

Many web designers use fonts that you have to include in your website to make them work in web pages. Each time when a user will access your website, those fonts will have to be loaded in memory from your web server which will slow down website load speed. I encourage web designers to use Google fonts more often.

Google fonts are open source and free to use fonts that you do not need to place in your website to work. You just need to include font URL to make it work. Your website speed won’t be affected and there are many beautiful fonts available to use freely. So why not make use of these amazing fonts?

My opinion is to use only two font families / or font types in your website. or max 3, but not more than 3. One font family for your website headings and second for overall text. We will select two fonts to use in our web page.

English Version

Urdu/Hindi Version

Which are your favorite fonts that you like to use in your designs and frontend work?