Image Transitions – Effects and Particle Systems In Adobe Flash

Following are some particle systems made in flash using ActionScript. I have ‘Flash Fairies particle system’, ‘Flash Snow Effect’, ‘Flash Stars Field’, ‘Flash Smoke Effect’, ‘Flash Stars Effect’, ‘Flash Rain Effect’, ‘Flash Background Color Effect’, ‘Flash Leaves Particle System’ and more…with examples to download.

Snow – Fairies – Particle System

Snow effect with flakes. You can modify flakes into fairies also or any other particle system.

Download Snow Effect

Realistic Snow Effect

Realistic snow effect in adobe flash created with single movie clip.

Download Realistic Snow Effect

Stars Field Falling Back

Beautiful stars field receding created with actionscript.

Downlaod Stars Field Effect

Stars Field Lifting Up With Moon

Star Field going up while moon appears.

Download Stars Field and Moon Effect


Realistic smoke effect.

Download Smoke Effect

Twinkle Twinkle Stars

Stars Twinkling or little moths circling.

Download Stars or Moths Particle System

Adobe Flash Rain Effect

Rain pouring down. Flash rain effect.

Download Rain Drops Flash Effect

Bg Color Changer

Background changer with smooth transition using actionscript.

Download Background Color Changer

Leaves System In Flash

Lots of leaves or hearts or any particles you can use which go upwards and on mouse over they one by one go disappear. great flash effect.

Download Leaves System

Bug Walks On MouseOver – Flash Actionscript

When you place mouse over bug it walks and stops after some time and stay until you poke it again with mouse.

Download Moving Bug Controlled Via Actionscript

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