How To Hide / Protect JavaScript Code

Sometimes you want to protect your JavaScript code from stealers or attackers. Sometimes you want to showcase an app but you want the user to not copy the code for obvious reasons. I got a tutorial request to show that how can we easily protect JavaScript code.

One method is to minify your code. Keep the source and share minified version of code. There are many online tools available to minify the code. Your favorite code editor can also minify code for you. We have minification tutorial for this. So go check it out.

But sometimes you have to share the actual code. In that case, you can use any JavaScript obfuscator tool. There are many such tools available online that give you option to even customize your output and level of complexity. It won’t protect your code 100%. But it will give your code enough protection to give stealer hard time to figure it out. You can use parts of your code to make it not-so-easily readable, or implement this method for whole document. keep the source to yourself and share the processed code.

English Version

Urdu/Hindi Version

Which methods do you use to protect or hide your JavaScript code?