Get Best Sound Quality From Any Microphone Without Background Noise

We have reviewed budget microphones that include USB microphones also. Following are some microphone reviews that might interest you. These have also got some tips to enhance voice.

I am relatively new to YouTubing at the time of publishing this video and I had a lot of hesitation is talking in front of a MIC while sitting alone in room. I also always felt conscious of my voice and breathing while recording. I still am. But over the period of time I got used to it. I wanted my voice to be clear and crisp. I tried many methods, tools and software to make my voice best in my videos. I tried different recording devices and microphones. I have reviewed microphones in my previous videos. You can go check those out. I will link those videos in the description as well. I also struggled for a budget microphone in start. There are so many options but choosing the right one is not an easy task. For all of this, the answer is not what you think it is. I will share some tips that help at some extent and then I will share the real secret in this video.