FIFINE K780 Cardioid Electret USB MIC Review

This is what FIFINE K780 Cardioid Electret USB MIC sounds like.

FIFINE Official:

Above links are affiliate links. This is NOT a paid promotion and NOT an endorsement. I bought this microphone. I am sharing my experience. This is review in my own opinion. I would say that this is a great MIC, really affordable, good performance, suitable for voice recording, suitable for youtubers, not much suitable for voice chats because it acquires more space and needs fixing with arm shock mount. But overall good. Highly sensitive. Records a solid voice. Best for youtubers in budget. If you want a good budget mic for youtubing, try this. More solid and crispy voice than the two microphone that i reviewed earlier. I use this microphone for most of my tutorial videos.

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