Convert from InPage to Urdu Unicode Text

convert inpage file into text

You can enable Urdu Typing in any program by Urdu font. I mean we have shown you ways to type Urdu in, lets say…Notepad, Microsoft Word or any program by installing additional languages support in windows or Urdu language support. I will mention links below. There are online tools to type Urdu and then you can copy that Urdu text and paste in any application or program or even in email. You can write Urdu emails using these techniques.

The problem is, you had to install an Urdu font or Urdu keyboard with additional languages support or use the online tools for that and also you need to type everything. What if you have got an inpage files and you do not want to type Urdu again and you simply want to convert inpage files into Unicode text of readable Urdu text. We know that inpage can export image. But we need Urdu text from inpage. We have got solution for that. You can simply convert inpage file into Urdu text to use in emails, web pages or anywhere online or offline.

Let me give you previous tools before.

Urdu Typing Facility in Any Program

Type Urdu in Any Windows Program
Write / Type Urdu in Webpages
Enable Urdu Text Writing in Windows

And there are tools to Type Urdu using keyboard and mouse click online right away and then copy that Urdu text anywhere.

Online Urdu Typing Tools

Write in Urdu
Urdu Typing
Type Urdu Online using keyboard or mouse

Download Urdu Fonts

Download Urdu Fonts (17.7 MB)

Above fonts file will give better look and feel to your written Urdu text in windows.

Convert inpage into Urdu Text

And now folks here is the tool which will take inpage file and give you the Urdu text which is Unicode text to use anywhere and it will be readable Urdu text and not the image.

Convert Inpage to Urdu Text

Copy/paste the text from InPage editor in that tool and hit convert button and see the magic.

Bonus – Urdu Books Download

read online Urdu Books and download many Urdu books free

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  1. Kashif

    Plz Can u share or send me word to urdu inpage converter

  2. Shahbaz Ahmed

    Asalamu Alikum, Can any body Please told me how to write urdu in Email, i want to make a urdu website like al-qalam, please can anybody help me, it a request

  3. Searcher

    can you please help me to convert urdu unicode to inpage?

  4. m sardar

    please any one tell me how 2 type urdu in movie makers or copying urdu text from inpage to movie makers softwares. plZzzzzzz

    • Hiroshi Post author

      @m sardar: Type in inpage > get that text into text box > Copy that text box containing urdu text > Paste in coral draw > export png > import that png into movie maker….
      Pretty simple, right? :D

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