ChatGPT 3 vs ChatGPT 4

After using ChatGPT 3, and ChatGPT 4, I can share the comparison based on my observation. Here is difference between ChatGPT 3 and ChatGPT 4.

Features ChatGPT 3 ChatGPT 4
Architecture GPT-3 architecture (Transformer) More advanced, efficient GPT-4 architecture (Transformer)
Training Data Size Large-scale Internet text corpus Even larger text corpus, with more diverse sources
Language Understanding Impressive natural language understanding Superior understanding of context and nuance
Context Length Limited context length Significantly increased context length
Real-time Responsiveness Good performance Improved performance for real-time conversation
Multilingual Capabilities Supports several languages Improved support for even more languages
Domain Adaptation General knowledge across various domains Enhanced domain-specific expertise and adaptation
Creativity Can generate creative responses More advanced creative generation capabilities
Error Correction Some understanding of grammar and syntax correction Enhanced ability to correct grammar and syntax errors
Logical Reasoning Moderate logical reasoning skills More advanced logical reasoning and problem-solving
Purpose Text generation Text generation
Pre-training Unsupervised learning Unsupervised learning
Model Size Up to 175 billion parameters Larger than GPT-3 (exact size undisclosed)
Language Support Multilingual Multilingual
Generality Broad range of tasks Improved generalization
Context understanding Moderate understanding Improved understanding
Few-shot learning capability Good Expected to be better
Training data size WebText dataset Potentially larger dataset
Tokenization Byte pair encoding (BPE) Similar or improved tokenization
Training efficiency Efficient Potentially more efficient
Model interpretability Limited Potentially improved interpretability
Controlling text generation Prompt engineering Improved control methods
Reducing biases Present biases Reduced biases (potentially)

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