50 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Copywriters

Copywriting is the art and practice of writing text, also known as “copy,” for the purpose of advertising, marketing, or promoting a product, service, or idea. The primary objective of copywriting is to persuade, engage, or inform the target audience and encourage them to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or attending an event. These AI prompts can help copywriters be more productive in several ways such as, idea generation, time saving, to improve quality of work, versatility, skill development. Here is the list:

  1. Generate 10 headlines for [product/service/topic].
  2. Write a catchy slogan for [brand/company].
  3. Brainstorm 5 unique selling points for [product/service].
  4. Create a compelling call-to-action for [campaign/offer].
  5. Write an engaging email subject line for [product launch/sale/event].
  6. Draft an introductory paragraph for a [product/service] sales page.
  7. Write a persuasive product description for [product].
  8. Suggest 5 ways to improve this copy: [provide existing copy].
  9. Generate 3 attention-grabbing social media captions for [product/service/campaign].
  10. Write a short testimonial for [product/service].
  11. Create a concise and powerful elevator pitch for [brand/company].
  12. Rewrite this sentence to make it more engaging: [provide sentence].
  13. Write a compelling Facebook ad copy for [product/service/campaign].
  14. Suggest 5 power words to use in my copy for [product/service/industry].
  15. Write an appealing product feature list for [product].
  16. Create a captivating Instagram post for [product/service/campaign].
  17. Draft a promotional email for [product launch/sale/event].
  18. Generate 3 creative copy ideas for a billboard ad for [product/service].
  19. Write a persuasive LinkedIn post promoting [product/service].
  20. Suggest 3 storytelling techniques to use in my copy for [product/service].
  21. Create a relatable brand persona for [company/brand].
  22. Write an engaging blog post introduction for [topic].
  23. Brainstorm 5 content ideas for our [industry/niche] blog.
  24. Generate a list of 10 keywords for SEO copywriting in [industry/niche].
  25. Write a meta description for a [product/service] webpage.
  26. Suggest 3 ways to create a sense of urgency in my copy for [product/service].
  27. Write a short and sweet Twitter post promoting [product/service].
  28. Create an enticing sales page headline for [product/service].
  29. Write a compelling case study introduction for [client/success story].
  30. Generate 5 emotional triggers to use in copy for [product/service].
  31. Write a persuasive direct mail piece for [product/service].
  32. Create a captivating video script for a [product/service] explainer video.
  33. Suggest 3 ways to address customer objections in my copy for [product/service].
  34. Write an engaging podcast ad script for [product/service].
  35. Generate 5 benefits-driven bullet points for [product/service].
  36. Create a press release headline for [company news/event].
  37. Write a snappy tagline for [product/service/campaign].
  38. Suggest 3 ways to create curiosity in my copy for [product/service].
  39. Write a promotional SMS text message for [product/service/offer].
  40. Generate 3 creative copy ideas for a print ad for [product/service].
  41. Write an attention-grabbing Google Ads copy for [product/service/keyword].
  42. Create a persuasive sales presentation introduction for [product/service].
  43. Suggest 5 ways to make my copy more conversational for [product/service].
  44. Write an engaging product review for [product].
  45. Brainstorm 3 content ideas for a [product/service] infographic.
  46. Generate 5 conversation starters for a chatbot in [industry/niche].
  47. Write a compelling “About Us” page introduction for [company/brand].
  48. Create a catchy podcast title and description for a [topic/industry] podcast.
  49. Suggest 3 ways to optimize my copy for mobile users for [product/service].
  50. Write a persuasive “Why Choose Us” section for a [company/industry] website.

These 50 prompts can help copywriters leverage ChatGPT for idea generation, content creation, and copy improvement. Remember to replace the placeholders with relevant information to get the most accurate and tailored results.

These prompts can serve as valuable tools for copywriters, helping them to generate ideas, save time, improve the quality of their work, and develop their skills for more productive and successful copywriting careers. Follow our blog and YouTube channel to master prompt engineering in any field.

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