jQuery date picker is a drop down date picker calendar when input field is focused. We have to use following files for date picker.

Accessible News Slider is a JavaScript plugin built for the jQuery library. It meets the accessibility requirements also as outlined by WCAG 1.0.

jCarousel Lite is a jQuery plugin 2kb in size. jCarousel Lite can be used for fancy scrolls of content including images or text. I have created an example for my need and put it here to download but updates and all documentation as well as complete customization can be found at original website.

Fav Icon Tutorial

by Hiroshi on September 8, 2008

in HTML, Web Tips

Place favicon.ico file in root directory of your web host (public_html or www) and add following code into head section of your web page. <link rel="Shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico"/> OR <link rel="icon" href="http://www.url/favicon.ico" type="images/x-icon" />