Sending email via flash can be a bit tricky. Well! Not much tricky anymore if you follow these simple instructions and download example file. Create a movie clip, name it form and copy this ActionScript over that.

Do not use forms in websites or blogs unless you know these are safe from vulnerability. But it is always useful to have a Recommend This Page To a Friend link so that your visitors can refer your pages to their friend. Here is a way to provide your visitors facility to email your posts […]

Email Riddler is an online tool that encrypts and transform your email address into a series of numbers when displaying it, making it virtually impossible for spam harvesters to crawl and add your email to their list.

Email Link Customization

by Hiroshi on September 8, 2008

in HTML, Web Tips

Following is a standard way of adding an email link to a web page. <a href="">Mail Me</a> Lets customize its details.