To control fonts in percentage is the easiest method which we can choose while playing with the fluid layouts, or perhaps while working with widgets and web 2.0 elements. It is recommended while working with layouts that we define a standard font size for html and body. In the beginning there were loose style for […]

We can import any sound of supported format into flash (Shortcut: Ctrl+R). After importing, you can find sound in Library panel and by dragging that at stage it will be added in timeline of movie. Other way is to click at timeline which will give you sounds panel in movie properties panel, if you have […]

By just looking at the image, I think you will not get the whole idea about the function. You will have to download it to see working example. This is an explanation of how to animate different sections of a movie smoothly. When some button is clicked, the previous animation restores its original state or […]

In the following example I have taken two external swf movies which are called when buttons are clicked. The idea is to create a smooth transition effect between loading and unloading of flash external movies.

In Adobe Flash buttons are essential part and play specific role in control and animation of movie. I will explain here about how to animate the button or trigger a smooth animation by movie clip onmouseover of a button and onmouseout. We create an invisible button mostly and give it a target movie clip which […]