For random text animation consider following example. External AS (actionscript) files are used in this example. you can modify text as required.

In this section lets play with mouse cursor in Flash. You can do the following: Mouse hide, show in Flash Mouse Trailers in Flash Creating Custom Mouse Pointer in Flash

I have two very cool examples to share with you related to slide show in flash using ActionScript which offer smooth cross fading and sliding transition animations.

Drag-able content is flash looks very sexy. Suppose you created a movie clip that had all the sound controls in it. You can enable it to drag freely across the main movie or within fixed parameters. I used it once at sound control panel. I had to create a movie clip that is able to […]

What is the point of counting in flash? Well if there is any point, then You can make count downs or count ups and then trigger some action on its completion. Following tutorials will guide you about how to create counters in flash using ActionScript.

When you have got a movie and you want to navigate it frame by frame then this script is handy. You can write frame number to jump at that frame. Add stop button on starting frame. Create new frames and add relevant contents on them. Create an input text and name it (assign variable) goto […]

Following example will show you how to create date and time function in flash. Read tutorial and download example. Create a dynamic text field named as Mytime or whatever you like. Create a movie clip outside of movie area (canvas), and write the following script on that and you are done.

Following are some particle systems made in flash using ActionScript. I have ‘Flash Fairies particle system’, ‘Flash Snow Effect’, ‘Flash Stars Field’, ‘Flash Smoke Effect’, ‘Flash Stars Effect’, ‘Flash Rain Effect’, ‘Flash Background Color Effect’, ‘Flash Leaves Particle System’ and more…with examples to download.

Tooltips or titles in flash movies are helpful for extra information about any page or section of movie. You might give user some information about the link before he is going to click at that. For this regard tool tips are very helpful.