Post Audio to Your Blog Using Any Phone – Call You WordPress Blog

3 July 2010

Post by voice. If you have got a phone (any phone), you can dial your blog (Yes WordPress Blog) and post your audio message, voice, podcast, concert or whatever from anywhere to your blog. After you’re done, the audio file from your phone call will be posted to your blog for all to listen to […]

Blog Using Microsoft Word – Microsoft Word to WordPress

25 June 2010

It is easy to blog. Infact you can use Microsoft Word program to write a post and then publish it directly to your blog. Microsoft Word can post to ‘Windows Live Spaces‘, ‘Blogger‘, ‘SharePoint Blog‘, ‘Community Server‘, ‘TypePad‘, ‘WordPress‘ or any other platform. Its like post locally. This method will greatly reduce resources burden from […]

Slow VPS or PS Means Less Page Rank Less Visitors Less Earning

24 June 2010

I am talking about the Virtual Private Server or Private Server. Many companies offer PS or VPS web hosting. If you are a blogger, webmaster and have been working for more then 2 years and have got some visitors then probably you are not at the shared server. After you get some regular visitors, you […]

What Makes Comment – A Genuine Comment

21 June 2010

Lot of bloggers and webmasters are spammers. Spammers have got their own websites full of crap and they want to promote these. New bloggers find it tempting to post spammy comments only to get attention towards their own sites. So they come to your blog and post spammy comments to get traffic towards their sites. […]

Spamming Techniques Evolved

21 June 2010

As a blogger/webmaster I have been coping with the problem of spamming for more than 5 years now. Spammers are using sophisticated ways of spamming to ruin your life. They won’t bother about how much effort anybody has put in his blog. They will just send a mass crap of spam towards your forum, blog, […]

15 Best Chrome Addons For Bloggers and Web Developers

15 June 2010

Google chrome is a powerful web browser which has proved to be fast browser. Its simple and easy to use browser. Google Chrome has got tremendous addons now. Here are some extremely useful Addons which will make your blogging and web development work a wonderful experience. You can have bookmark manager, password manager, seo tools […]

Find out Exact Reach of Sites and Comparison with Each Other in Real Time

25 April 2010

Use Google Analytics to monitor your site’s reach or any other analytical program but how you can compare sites which are not yours? Google trends enables you to see exact reach of any site and its comparative reach with other sites. Here is how it is.

Country Select – On Change Country Flag Image Transition

31 December 2009

This is a very easy example on country flag change. If you have got a form with country selection field then you can easily display a flag related to that specific country on country selection made by user. In this example all the flags images are placed in a folder named as ‘flags’ which is […]

How to Control Font Size in Percentage

21 April 2009

To control fonts in percentage is the easiest method which we can choose while playing with the fluid layouts, or perhaps while working with widgets and web 2.0 elements. It is recommended while working with layouts that we define a standard font size for html and body. In the beginning there were loose style for […]

Standard and Non-Standard Links

21 April 2009

Links are the Web’s number one interaction element. Violating common expectations for how links work is a sure way to confuse and delay users, and might prevent them from being able to use your site. Lets see what Markup Gurus say about links, and when links meet the standard or non-standard criteria. The usability guideline […]