In many WordPress themes developers make mistake of linking single post to itself which is not necessary. I mean why anybody will reload the single post page when he is already at the same single post page by clicking the title of that same post? The title of single post is linked to the same […]

Post by voice. If you have got a phone (any phone), you can dial your blog (Yes WordPress Blog) and post your audio message, voice, podcast, concert or whatever from anywhere to your blog. After you’re done, the audio file from your phone call will be posted to your blog for all to listen to […]

It is easy to blog. Infact you can use Microsoft Word program to write a post and then publish it directly to your blog. Microsoft Word can post to ‘Windows Live Spaces‘, ‘Blogger‘, ‘SharePoint Blog‘, ‘Community Server‘, ‘TypePad‘, ‘WordPress‘ or any other platform. Its like post locally. This method will greatly reduce resources burden from […]

Hotlinking is the use of an image from a website into another web page belonging to another site. There is thin chances that any popular blog will not be hot linked ever. By this way other websites use your host’s bandwidth and cause load at your server which has no benefit for you but loss. […]