Google webmaster tools indicate few warnings in structured data, if your WordPress theme or website is not properly configured for latest standards. It is mandatory to get your authorship approved by Google if you are an author or publisher on a blog or website. Also the data for content date and author must be properly […]

Sooner or later you will feel dissatisfied with your current blog / website design. You will have to change the website design for better either for expanding needs or better look and feel. I recently needed to redesign my one of blog’s theme. I have much experience in designing websites and blogs so luckily I […]

Links are the Web’s number one interaction element. Violating common expectations for how links work is a sure way to confuse and delay users, and might prevent them from being able to use your site. Lets see what Markup Gurus say about links, and when links meet the standard or non-standard criteria. The usability guideline […]

DIV based table less websites are common (essential, precisely speaking) now a days. Web 2.0 Web style is also about DIV based Validated websites. DIV is a little bit tricky to handle than simple tables. Here are few very essential known issues which I have been facing and their solutions.

Website Standards

by Hiroshi on September 21, 2008

in standards, Web Guidelines

In order to meet web standards while developing websites follow these guidelines:

Markup language validation is very important. Without it your web page will not be indexed in Google. Google crawlers will just avoid the invalid markup and errors in HTML. Here is a complete list of tips you can use to avoid HTML markup errors and warnings so that you write valid HTML or XHTML.

In order to meet web standards while developing websites follow these guidelines and check-lists.