In this section lets play with mouse cursor in Flash. You can do the following: Mouse hide, show in Flash Mouse Trailers in Flash Creating Custom Mouse Pointer in Flash

Here is a method to search Google from flash. AdSense users can also use this script.

Drag-able content is flash looks very sexy. Suppose you created a movie clip that had all the sound controls in it. You can enable it to drag freely across the main movie or within fixed parameters. I used it once at sound control panel. I had to create a movie clip that is able to […]

What is the point of counting in flash? Well if there is any point, then You can make count downs or count ups and then trigger some action on its completion. Following tutorials will guide you about how to create counters in flash using ActionScript.

In this section you will learn how to do the following in Flash using ActionScript. Close Browser From Flash Without POPUP Alert (browser close) With POPUP Alert (browser close) With POPUP Alert (browser close) Print From Flash Add to Favourites From Flash Launch Popup or Fullscreen Window From Flash For Full Screen in Html Page […]

By just looking at the image, I think you will not get the whole idea about the function. You will have to download it to see working example. This is an explanation of how to animate different sections of a movie smoothly. When some button is clicked, the previous animation restores its original state or […]

Previously We used to embed flash files in web pages via simple embed method which pops up flash settings alert or Flash Settings Manager. Following way is to embed Flash movie (swf file) in web page using Javascript which will play for all browsers and will not alert you for flash settings.