This is very important when working in flash and large amount of content. Flash movies tend to be fixed in width and height usually. If we have much content based on text or images and we have to fit that all in the same flash movie then here is what content scroll in flash will […]

In this section lets play with mouse cursor in Flash. You can do the following: Mouse hide, show in Flash Mouse Trailers in Flash Creating Custom Mouse Pointer in Flash

Swap depth is changing order of movie clips. You can bring some movie clip at top level of other movie or behind it using Swap depth. Using ActionScript here is an easy example to do it.

I have two very cool examples to share with you related to slide show in flash using ActionScript which offer smooth cross fading and sliding transition animations.

Drag-able content is flash looks very sexy. Suppose you created a movie clip that had all the sound controls in it. You can enable it to drag freely across the main movie or within fixed parameters. I used it once at sound control panel. I had to create a movie clip that is able to […]

When you have got a movie and you want to navigate it frame by frame then this script is handy. You can write frame number to jump at that frame. Add stop button on starting frame. Create new frames and add relevant contents on them. Create an input text and name it (assign variable) goto […]

In this section you will learn how to do the following in Flash using ActionScript. Close Browser From Flash Without POPUP Alert (browser close) With POPUP Alert (browser close) With POPUP Alert (browser close) Print From Flash Add to Favourites From Flash Launch Popup or Fullscreen Window From Flash For Full Screen in Html Page […]

Following are some particle systems made in flash using ActionScript. I have ‘Flash Fairies particle system’, ‘Flash Snow Effect’, ‘Flash Stars Field’, ‘Flash Smoke Effect’, ‘Flash Stars Effect’, ‘Flash Rain Effect’, ‘Flash Background Color Effect’, ‘Flash Leaves Particle System’ and more…with examples to download.

We can import any sound of supported format into flash (Shortcut: Ctrl+R). After importing, you can find sound in Library panel and by dragging that at stage it will be added in timeline of movie. Other way is to click at timeline which will give you sounds panel in movie properties panel, if you have […]