Adobe Flash

This animation can be used to create water bubbles probably as it is random and its like bubbles are creating and growing and then disappearing.

For random text animation consider following example. External AS (actionscript) files are used in this example. you can modify text as required.

Following are some flash resources websites.

This is very important when working in flash and large amount of content. Flash movies tend to be fixed in width and height usually. If we have much content based on text or images and we have to fit that all in the same flash movie then here is what content scroll in flash will […]

In this section lets play with mouse cursor in Flash. You can do the following: Mouse hide, show in Flash Mouse Trailers in Flash Creating Custom Mouse Pointer in Flash

Here is a method to search Google from flash. AdSense users can also use this script.

We can create a simple hit counter using flash and PHP script which uses text file for storing hits. I have used a blank count.txt file, and php file. Create a dynamic text field in flash movie and name it count and you are done. Name the flash movie counter.swf or whatever you like.

Swap depth is changing order of movie clips. You can bring some movie clip at top level of other movie or behind it using Swap depth. Using ActionScript here is an easy example to do it.

I have two very cool examples to share with you related to slide show in flash using ActionScript which offer smooth cross fading and sliding transition animations.

Drag-able content is flash looks very sexy. Suppose you created a movie clip that had all the sound controls in it. You can enable it to drag freely across the main movie or within fixed parameters. I used it once at sound control panel. I had to create a movie clip that is able to […]