Google webmaster tools indicate few warnings in structured data, if your WordPress theme or website is not properly configured for latest standards. It is mandatory to get your authorship approved by Google if you are an author or publisher on a blog or website. Also the data for content date and author must be properly […]

RSS Feeds not Showing Latest Posts

by Hiroshi on December 26, 2011

in Tips

One of my blogs was not displaying the latest posts in feeds. Feedburner and default feed for blog was not displaying my few latest posts. For example: and were returning old posts. Fresh content was absent. On checking my feedburner account everything was fine. Further checking and validation gave me the following information: […]

Launch of Google plus is a disaster for FaceBook. That is what I believe. If not now, it will be. Atleast 50% users from Facebook will leave and join Google Plus. All the spammers, SEOs, webmasters, networking gurus who were at Facebook for spreading their websites will move to the Google Plus. Because Google Plus […]

12 Excellent Website Speed and Performance Test and Compare Tools

11 April 2011

It is estimated that if a page doesn’t load within 5-8 seconds you will lose 1/3 of your visitors. If your website load speed is slower than that you should revise your design, site structure or just move to a faster web hosting server. How will you check your website performance and speed against different […]

Lorem ipsum Ready to Use

11 April 2011

Lorem ipsum is a place holder text. Publishers and graphic designers need it every day in almost every task. Lorem ipsum is commonly used to demonstrate the visual presentation of fonts, typography or layout. An example of lorem ipsum paragraph is below: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt […]

Traffic Widgets Can Get your Website Banned

26 February 2011

Many websites exchange website traffic with you by giving you a piece of javascript code to place in your website and your website starts displaying catchy misleading images which lead visitors to other websites. At every image click you might see a pop up and if you keep visiting more and more these websites more […]

Remove Single Post Title Self Link in WordPress Themes

25 February 2011

In many WordPress themes developers make mistake of linking single post to itself which is not necessary. I mean why anybody will reload the single post page when he is already at the same single post page by clicking the title of that same post? The title of single post is linked to the same […]

No Follow Your Own Blog Pages for Better PR

10 January 2011

Nofollow is an attribute used in HTML to tell the search engine to follow the links or not, to give credit to links or not. It stops crawler if you have used this attribute at a link and crawler won’t escape from that link and it won’t give page rank to that link you have […]

Redesign Brainstorming – Keep in Mind Before you Redesign

10 January 2011

Sooner or later you will feel dissatisfied with your current blog / website design. You will have to change the website design for better either for expanding needs or better look and feel. I recently needed to redesign my one of blog’s theme. I have much experience in designing websites and blogs so luckily I […]

Convert from InPage to Urdu Unicode Text

6 August 2010

You can enable Urdu Typing in any program by Urdu font. I mean we have shown you ways to type Urdu in, lets say…Notepad, Microsoft Word or any program by installing additional languages support in windows or Urdu language support. I will mention links below. There are online tools to type Urdu and then you […]